Jiu-jitsu translates to the gentle art in Japanese. It is a martial art that uses leverage and technique rather than strength and power. It does not involve kicks or punches, but instead teaches students how to submit their opponent with chokes and pressure placed on joints using their own bodies. Without the use of weapons, it builds confidence and enables practitioners to defend oneself in any situation.

  1. Jiu-jitsu is effective for men, women and children, regardless of body type.
  2. Jiu-jitsu teaches discipline, confidence and respect.
  3. Jiu-jitsu is a great workout and way to lose weight.
  4. Jiu jitsu teaches self defense and is effective in real life situations.
  5. Jiu jitsu is a fun for the whole family.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is the most complete self defense martial art. You can practice 100% with your partner without getting hurt. Practicing BJJ can be for the sport, competition, or just for workout, which is amazing. BJJ helps you relax from stress, as one must focus on one’s technique like a chess player focuses on the next move.

Whether it’s for a workout, competition or relaxation, BJJ helps you in life; it’s a lifestyle.

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