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Diogo photo Diogo

2022- 4th degree Carlson Gracie Jr

2017 - 3rd Degree - Carlson Gracie Jr.

2014 - 2nd Degree - Carlson Gracie Jr.

2011 - 1st Degree - Carlson Gracie Jr.

2008 - Black Belt - Luiz Paulo Baptista

White-Brown Belt - Luiz Paulo Baptista

Diogo began martial arts at age 8, training Judo, Taekwondo and Capoeira before finding Jiu-jitsu at age 15. Under the tutelage of Master Luiz Paulo in Niteroi, Brazil, Diogo competed throughout his colored belt tenures; becoming State champion and qualifying for the Nationals, Team Nationals and first ever World championships in 1996.


As a brown belt and lawyer in Brazil, Diogo moved to the US to learn English and obtain a degree at CCSF to further his career in International Business. While training and teaching BJJ in the bay area, Diogo was promoted to black belt by his friend, Fabio Prado, and Master Luiz Paulo in 2008. Diogo decided at that point to open the Rio Combat Team and dedicate his life to sharing his vast knowledge of jiu-jitsu.

Diogo is the head instructor for all classes and curriculum at RCT and is often teaching students directly.